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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Summer.

  • Hold Fast to Summer

    Ben Soule

    From WorshipWeb
    Hold fast to summer. Enjoy with heightened appreciation these still-warm September days. Create more memories, take more pictures. Enjoy a bit of denial.
  • A climate change parable: the Oak King and the Holly King

    Erica Baron

    From UU World Magazine
    A story for Yule in these times.
  • Thanks Be for These

    Richard S. Gilbert

    From WorshipWeb
    For the sound of bow on string, Of breath over reed, Of touch on keyboard; For slants of sunlight through windows, For shimmering shadows on snow, For t...
  • Closing Words for Seasonal Transitions

    Andrew Pakula

    From WorshipWeb
    May you know fully and deeply the blessings of each of your heart's seasons The inward turning of Winter Springtime's lush renewal The effortless, stead...
  • Faith in Summer

    Ellen Hamilton

    From WorshipWeb
    In faith, together, we light this small scrap of light, symbol of Grandfather Sun's enormous power, whose energy burns so brightly In these days of deep...