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Thanks Be for These

For the sound of bow on string,
Of breath over reed,
Of touch on keyboard;

For slants of sunlight through windows,
For shimmering shadows on snow,
For the whisper of wind on my face;

For the smooth skin of an apple,
For the caress of a collar on my neck;

For the prickling of my skin when I am deeply moved,
For the pounding of my heart when I run,
For the peace of soul at day’s end;

For familiar voices in family rites,
For the faces of friends in laughter and tears,
For the tender human arms that hold me;

For the flashes of memories that linger,
For the mysterious moments that beckon,
For the particularity of this instant;

For the silence of moon-lit nights,
For the sound of rain on my roof,
Of wind in dry leaves,
Of waves caressing the shore;

For the softness of summer breezes,
For the crispness of autumn air,

For dark shadows on white snow,
For the resurrection of spring,
For the faithful turning of the seasons;

For angular, leafless trees,
For gentle hills rolling in the distance,
For meandering streams seeking an unseen sea;

For cornstalks at stiff attention,
And brittle plants bristling past their prime,
Forunharvestedgardens returning plants to enrich the soil;

For the sight of familiar faces,
The sound of our spoken names,
The welcoming embrace of outstretched arms;
For the ritual of friendship,
Reminding us we matter:
Thanks be for these.

About the Author

Richard S. Gilbert

The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Gilbert retired in 2005 after serving 44 years in the Unitarian Universalist ministry in Cleveland, Ohio, Golden, Colorado, Ithaca, New York, and for 32 years at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, New York. He received an M.Div. from St....

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