Step 4: Recommend response and inform appropriate persons

The team should decide on the necessary response on a case-by-case basis and will inform the appropriate persons (generally the Minister, Committee on Ministry, and the Board) before acting. Any of the following levels of response can be recommended:

No action: After meeting with all persons involved, it may be determined that the complaint is not warranted, or a resolution may be reached without further action needed. The minister and another member of the team would jointly explain and discuss this with the person who filed the complaint.

Warning: The Minister and a member of the team will meet with the individual(s) involved to communicate the concern and expectations for future behavior. The Minister and a member of the team may need to meet with the offending person(s) to communicate the concerns and present a contract stating clearly defined parameters of behavior to be signed by the offending person(s).

Suspension: The offending individual is excluded from the congregation and/or specific activities for a limited period of time, with the reasons and the conditions of return made clear in writing, signed by both the individual and Board President and/or Minister.

Expulsion: The committee recommends that the offending individual should be expelled from membership. Depending on your bylaws, this may need the approval of the Board of Trustees. The Board President and/or Minister will then write a letter to the individual(s) explaining the reasons.

Sample Policies