Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Building Bridges: A World Religions Program for 8th-9th Grades

Welcoming and Entering

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Print Leader Resource 1, Judaism/Christianity/Islam. Cut the boxes apart so each phrase is on a separate slip of paper.
  • Print Leader Resource 2, Answers to Judaism/Christianity/Islam Game, and use it as a guide to draw a grid, with marker, on the poster board: 1) Draw a line parallel to one of the short edges (22 inches), 2 inches from the edge; 2) draw lines parallel to this line every 2 inches down the length of the poster; 3) turn the poster; draw 3 lines in the other direction, spaced every 5 and a half inches, to evenly divide the length of the poster into four columns. Turn the poster board so the shorter side (22 inches) is at the top. Using Leader Resource 2, Answers to Judaism/Christianity/Islam Game as a guide, put an "X" in the upper left space; you will not be using it. Across the top (next to the "X"), write in large, bold letters: "JUDAISM" to head the first column, "CHRISTIANITY" next, and then "ISLAM." In the left-hand column (under the "X"), label each block to correspond with the categories listed in the first column of Leader Resource 2.
  • In the welcoming area, hang the poster board at an accessible level. Place slips and masking tape on a table large enough to spread out the slips.

Description of Activity

Participants play a "guess which faith has this characteristic" game, placing slips of paper on a poster comparing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

As participants enter, indicate the poster in the welcoming area and invite participants to correctly place the slips on the poster with masking tape. Encourage youth to consult with each other. If they disagree about where to place a certain slip, suggest youth explain their reasoning and come to agreement. Using masking tape allows paper slips to be easily moved on the poster board.

A few minutes before the workshop begins, give youth Leader Resource 2, Answers to Judaism/Christianity/Islam Game. How did they do? Were there any surprises?

Including All Participants

Make sure the poster board is accessible to all participants.