Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Resistance and Transformation: An Adult Program on Unitarian Universalist Social Justice History

Alternate Activity 1: Our Work

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Index cards and pens/pencils
  • Newsprint, markers, and tape

Preparation for Activity

  • Find out about social action projects in which the congregation is currently involved.
  • Post blank newsprint.

Description of Activity

Hand out the index cards, asking participants to take two.

Have each participant write on one card activities the congregation does that might be considered social justice work. Examples might include "We donate money to the shelter across the street" or "We are officially a Welcoming Congregation.").

On the next card, invite participants to write activities they do personally, or that another person in the congregation does, that could be considered social justice work. Tell them not to attach names, but to simply describe the activity-for example, "does pro bono legal work" or "volunteers at the animal shelter."

Have a facilitator collect the cards and mix them up. Now, read the cards aloud and have a volunteer record the responses on newsprint.

After you have read all the cards, help the group add any items that have been left off the list of congregational work. Engage participants in conversation, using these questions:

  • Are there any themes or common areas of interest in the list?
  • What surprises you? Are there projects listed of which you were not aware?
  • What is left out? Are there issues and concerns that the congregation's social justice work does not address, but could?
  • What are the differences between the personal work and the institutional work?