Wake Up!

Large panels with letters in lights: "Dismantle Hate"

Let us wake up.
Not just from the Sunday morning exhaustion, from the wish for a few more drowsy minutes in bed.
Let us wake up to this world we live in: to its beauty and wonder, and also to its tragedy and pain.
We must wake up to this reality: that not all in our world have what we do, however much or little that is.
We must wake up to the idea that our wholeness, our lives, are only as complete as the lives of those around us, of those we are inextricably tied to in a great web of mutuality, of which all of us are part.
We must #staywoke, in the words of our friends and colleagues involved in Black Lives Matter, working every day for racial justice in our country.
Let us wake up, let us stay awake, let us #staywoke.

And now, in this time and place, let us worship together.