Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Principled Commitment: An Adult Program on Building Strong Relationships


Who so loves, believes the impossible.

— Elizabeth Barrett Browning, nineteenth-century poet

This final Principled Commitment workshop has two parts. First, it looks at the spiritual dimension of relationships. What is the role of faith, and how does it intertwine in the deep connection of two people? Participants will be invited to articulate the mutual identity of two lives coming together in a healthy and whole relationship. Second, the workshop is a culmination and celebration of life and love within the community. This is an opportunity to honor the work and effort of the participants and to express the joy of coming together, making new friends, and deepening relationships with partners.

This is the last time these individuals will gather as a Principled Commitment group. Therefore, this workshop is designed to emphasize what participants have learned and to provide an opportunity for them to articulate their learning.

Guiding Unitarian Universalist Principles

All Seven Principles

This final workshop is a culmination of all that has been explored and learned during the program. Couples will explore their faith, naming those things on which they "place their hearts." Individuals will be able to celebrate their part in a shared identity made up of two lives that have come together in a healthy and whole relationship. It is a well-deserved celebration of life and love among the community.

Considerations for Adaptation

The core activities in this workshop fill two hours. You can plan a celebration directly after the activities, in which case extra time must be budgeted, or you can plan a celebration for a future date.

The celebration can range from sharing a simple snack to a potluck dinner at someone's home. You may want to invite participants to plan the celebration. Elect to celebrate in a way that makes sense to the group and fits with its level of interpersonal bonding.

If couples have not had time to complete their couple covenants before this workshop, offer some time for them to do so before Activity 3, Couple Covenants Revisited.

Alternate Activity 3, Creating Couple Altars, provides a creative and concrete way for couples to take their learnings from Principled Commitment home.


This workshop will:

  • Examine faith and its role in relationships
  • Offer an opportunity for program evaluation
  • Provide closure and celebration for the participating couples

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Discuss the meaning of faith
  • Share their couple covenant with the group
  • Celebrate the friendships they have formed and the things they have learned
  • Articulate their couple identity and their faith through creative expression