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Audio Recordings of Selected Essays, Winter 2018

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Why are we talking about white supremacy? (Part 1) (Part 2)
Sure, racism is bad, but what’s with all this talk about “white supremacy culture” and “institutional racism”? An introduction to critical race theory.
by Crystal M. Fleming

Better Than Sunday School 
Forty hours of Chalice Camp is almost as much time as kids would get in a full year of Sunday school.
by Nicole Sweeney Etter

From the President

Love the hell out of this world
If we are not acting fearlessly for human dignity, compassion, justice, and peace, then we are failing to live our mission.
by Susan Frederick-Gray


‘I would still undertake the call’
A New Hampshire congregation attempts to repair past wrongs by the church against a devoted biracial Universalist minister, his sister, and their family.
by Heather Beasley Doyle

A spiritual subscription
Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism is hoping to build a more inclusive faith, one box at a time.
by Sherri Daye Scott


Imagine by Everett Hoagland; Light of trees by Karen Holman; Intimacy by Barbara E. Stevens; Invocation by David Hummon; Lone leaf by Ian Hochberg; Late thoughts on the existence of God by Robert René Galván​


Creating an on-air ministry
How a congregation’s community radio station makes church participatory, provocative, and fun.
by David H. Messner

Coiled in every human heart
Unitarian Universalist ministers reflect on the nature of evil.
by William F. Schulz, Rosemary Bray McNatt, Marisol Caballero


UUs mobilize for voting rights, criminal justice reform
As elections approach, Unitarian Universalists work to register voters, promote criminal justice reform, and re-enfranchise 1.5 million people in Florida.
by Elaine McArdle

Commission completes review of hiring controversy, prepares for racism audit
Commission on Institutional Change issues report on tumultuous spring of 2017, prepares for broader audit of white supremacy culture within UUA.
by Elaine McArdle