Contribute to Regional Assembly

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Contribute to Regional Assembly

We can't all be in one place. Other things will keep some of use busy the weekend of Regional Assembly and there are many ways to contribute to the gathering, whether or not you can attend.


Much of Regional Assembly will be interacting with other congregants, building connections across our region. Your participation will contribute to the success of this event. Further Details and Registration (Cognito Forms) available now.

Banner Parade

We'll be putting together a slide show of our congregations' banners or signs, ideally with some local faces, so that the whole region has a chance to see each other. Submit for your congregation on Cognito Forms.

RA Short Films

We are gathering videos of chalice lightings, meditations, nature trails, stories for all ages, music and project or program reports. Some will be shared with the whole community during the weekend, all will be available for participant viewing and use. More details (Google Doc) or RA Short Submission (Cognito Forms)

Sunday Service

Regional Assembly is gifting a Sunday Service to the congregations of our region. We will be offering the Sunday morning intergenerational service for all, originally available for February 6th. Registrants will watch together (either on site or on zoom) and a recording will be made available to congregations. Sharing this opportunity with your worship leads will contribute the the impact of Regional Assembly. If you are the technical lead for worship in your congregation and would like notification of service details, please complete this interest form on Cognito Forms.

Volunteer Time

Many hands make light work and each gathering virtual or in-person requires collaboration, multiplatform more so. If you would like to volunteer your time either leading into the gathering or at the gathering, please volunteer via Cognito Forms.

Other Ideas

If you are interested in contributing to the event in another way, please let us know:

Thank you for your interest in making this event and our community stronger. It is a prime example of interdependence.