PWR Staff Transitions

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The Revs. Jeanelyse Doran Adams, Nancy Bowen, and Ken Brown will all be leaving UUA employment and Pacific Western Region (PWR) service during the summer of 2016. Together they have provided over thirty-five years of faithful service to Unitarian Universalism in PWR congregations. Our appreciation and good wishes are deep and sincere as they plan bright and happy futures.

Responding to these retirements and resignations of PWR staff, our UUA has posted three PWR Congregational Life positions to be filled this spring. We are working with Rev. Nancy Bowen, the PWR Regional Lead, and Rev. Scott Tayler, the UUA Director of Congregational Life, to ensure that congregational leaders are well informed and confident that the process will unfold predictably and with excellent results. Our Pacific Western districts work together in Regional Collaboration, sharing a Letter of Agreement with our UUA for Staff Services to Congregations. The positions which are currently posted on the UUA website include: Regional Lead, Congregational Life Generalist, Congregational Life Generalist with expertise in Faith Formation.

Here is the anticipated timeline for the staff search:

  • January 4: All CL jobs are posted
  • February 5: Application deadline
  • February: Application review
  • March: Interviews
  • April 1: Offers made to final candidates

Through our new PWR website,, we will keep all congregations informed as the process unfolds. You may contact any of us with questions.

Yours in partnership,

Victor Ashear, MDD President,
Steve Burns, PCD President,
Jim Merrill, PSWD President,
Hayden Nevill, PNWD President,
Scott Tayler, UUA Director of Congregational Life,
Nancy Bowen, PWR Lead,