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Helping PWR Congregations Get Healthy
Launching PWR’s Healthy Congregations Team

Imagine a spiritually mature, culturally competent and humble, non-anxious Unitarian Universalism where conflict is a faith formation opportunity and a normal part of religious community and the human journey. Perhaps your congregation is well on its way. Or perhaps your community needs a little help.

That’s where the PWR’s Healthy Congregations Team comes in. The purpose of the Healthy Congregations Team is to provide training, consultation and assessment for congregations who wish to embrace healthy communications and proactively engage conflict.

Services include facilitated conversations, practices of discernment, establishing norms and sanctions, covenant of right relationship, conflict assessment and leadership coaching. Healthy Congregations Consultants are specially trained and professionally experienced in this kind of work.

Join the PWR Healthy Congregations Facebook group, where leaders in congregations will explore what it means to be a Healthy Congregation. Resources are shared here and the regional Healthy Congregations Team will field questions here.

If you would like follow up with a Healthy Congregations Consultant, please fill out an intake form.

Phone or video consultation is free. If extended consultation time or face-to-face services are necessary, then fees may be required. Congregations in extreme financial circumstances may have all or part of the fees waived to ensure that consultation services are available.

The Healthy Congregation Team recognizes that whenever two or more people get together, conflict is inevitable. We’re here to help you embrace those challenges with integrity.

In faith,
Tandi Rogers,
PWR Congregational Life Staff

About the Author

  • Rev. Tandi Rogers is a Congregational Life Staff member for the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), serving as Primary Contact for congregations in Alaska, Washington, and Idaho, as well as working with all PWR congregations as a specialist in...

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