Lillian Drab-Braddick

Congregational Life Staff

Southern Region in Congregational Life


Telephone: (617) 948-4368

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Lillian Drab-Braddick is excited to join the Congregational Life Staff of our Southern Region. She brings a passion for building beloved community, where all are radically included and provided the opportunities and support to share their gifts.

Lillian came to Unitarian Universalism as a youth and holds a special place in her heart for youth ministry. She was fortunate to be engaged in campus ministry as an undergrad and has worked to pay this gift forward by developing and supporting young adult leadership at the congregational level. Her graduate work in nonprofit management and sociology led Lillian from an early career in domestic violence advocacy to service to our faith as a religious professional.

She served the First Unitarian Church of Dallas for over a decade; directing programs for youth, developing new young adult-centered initiatives and leading adult religious education. Lillian worked on the team developing Faith Forward: From Visitor to Leader and directed the first congregational implementation of this faith development path. In her final year at First Dallas, she collaborated with Rev. Thandeka to incorporate elements of Thandeka’s Love Beyond Belief program, featuring transformative small group spiritual practice, into faith development offerings.

Lillian lives with her family in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, where she enjoys baking, biking and building community through local volunteer service.

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