Flower Communion

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  • The Story of Norbert Čapek's Flower Ceremony
    From WorshipWeb
    Čapek turned to the beauty of the countryside; to the beauty of flowers.
  • A Place of Belonging and Caring
    From WorshipWeb
    It is not by chance that you arrived here today. You have been looking for something larger than yourself....
  • Within the Heart of the Flower
    From WorshipWeb
    Within the heart of the flower, the fountain of beauty Within the heart of the community, a fire that warms and dances Within the heart of each of us, a...
  • A Bouquet of People
    From WorshipWeb
    Let us give thanks for a bouquet of people. We give thanks for children....
  • International Flower Communion
    From UUA International
    This exciting invitation to Unitarian Universalists in the United States comes from the Unitarian community in Prague, on the occasion of the 95th...
  • No Hot House Flowers
    From WorshipWeb
    No hot house flowers, these, bred for perfection, dyed and trimmed, and arranged to order, clothed in ribbons and bows. Not these....
  • Doxology for Flower Communion
    From WorshipWeb
    In colors bright and essence sweet, Like flowers we bloom when we meet. O, Source of Life, our song we raise, This beauty fills our hearts with praise.
  • Flower Ceremony Coloring Sheet
    From WorshipWeb
    Laura Evonne Steinman created this coloring page (PDF) for children to use on Flower Ceremony Sunday.
  • Garden Prayer
    From WorshipWeb
    Early in the morning, before the children are awake and while the grass is still dewy, I like to walk in my garden. It’s “my” garden only because it...