Children's Sunday and Flower Communion

We gather this morning in celebration and appreciation. We rejoice in those true treasures and gifts of life that are beyond any price.

We rejoice especially in the children of our church, for their music and their words, for their laughter and their song, and for the bright joy of their very creation. We give thanks for those who serve as teachers and leaders. May they be refreshed and renewed in your spirit.

Help us as parents, as teachers, and as church members to give our children love, encouragement, and guidance that is steadfast, sure, and true. May we guide them and teach them in the ways of knowledge, justice, and compassion that they may grow in stature and wisdom. May we inspire our children in their hopes and aspirations, and may we listen to them in their fears and concerns. Save us and restore us from those moments when we know that we fail.

Rededicate us in our resolve to deliver to our children a world of greater peace, justice, harmony, and beauty, a world that is more full of life.

(When Flower Communion is being celebrated:)

We rejoice in our fellowship as a community of faith, which we signify this morning in our gathering of flowers. Keep us steadfast in our covenant that by the testimony of our lives we may declare the saving power of our faith.

May the communion of our church remain forever in your spirit, Eternal God, Ancient of Days. Amen.