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Montana Industrial School for Indians

Front page of UU World Nov 15 1986. Photo of Montana Industrial School for Indians.

Montana Industrial School for Indians

The November 15, 1986, issue of UU World noted the hundred year anniversary of the founding of the Montana Industrial School for Indians, also known as Bond's Mission.

The photo caption reads:

The Montana Industrial School for Indians was established in 1886 by the American Unitarian Association. Found by the Rev. Henry F. Bond and his wife Pamela, the school, also known as Bond's Mission, was located on a Crow Indian reservation near Custer Station on the Big Horn River. Fifty Indian children at a time lived at the school, which taught farming, mechanics, and the domestic sciences. Students and faculty posed for this photograph in 1888. The school closed after a decade when the federal government withdrew the $108 per pupil annual subsidy. The buildings were sold to the government for one dollar...