Mosaic Congregations

The Commission on Institutional Change’s report Widening the Circle of Concern recommended that the UUA develop a certification program similar to the Welcoming Congregation program, emphasizing lifespan learning in diversity, equity, and inclusion and anti-oppression.

The Mosaic Congregations program is set to launch soon, overseen by the UUA's Ministries and Faith Development staff group. The framework will include the following:

Mosaic Congregations Certification Framework

Program Enrollment
  • Mosaic Covenant
  • Congregational Assessment
  • Assemble a Mosaic Congregations Team
Four Focuses
  • Worship
  • Congregational Culture
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Justice Minister
Resource Engagement
  • Legacy Congregations
  • "Mosaic Unbanned" Bookclub
  • Support Consultants
  • Mosaic Gatherings & Conferences