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Completing W-2 Forms

Part of The Congregational Handbook

By Jan Gartner

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Can you provide guidance and resources for completing W-2 forms for both ministers and other congregational staff?


By January 31, after the tax year, W-2 forms must be given to employees and sent to the Social Security Administration.

Box-by-box Instructions

Instructions for the most recent tax year (PDF).

IRS Resources

Moving Expenses

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 changed the rules for employer payment/reimbursement of Moving Expenses. For moves taking place in 2018 or beyond, direct payments or reimbursements of employee moving expenses are now treated as taxable income. The amount should be included in Box 1.

Professional Expenses

Professional Expenses which are provided according to an accountable reimbursement plan are not reportable income.

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