UUA Sponsored Insurance & Retirement Plans

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The UUA wants to help our congregations live into their values by offering benefit plans that protect their employees, including a health plan that reflects UU values. The UU Organizations Retirement Plan enables every employee of a participating congregation to save for their future. Life and Long Term Disability insurance protect your employees’ income in case of the unexpected. Good Dental coverage is essential; patients with dental insurance generally get lower rates on exams and procedures than those who are uninsured. Health insurance promotes responsible preventive care and protects employees and their families from catastrophic medical bills.

Health plans vary widely in their benefits and cost. Our UUA plans have a long history of lower rate increases than all of the major insurers. Our benefits are competitive, and the plans have always done their best to live up to our UU values, offering fuller coverage for people of all identities and for families of all shapes and sizes: we were ahead of everyone in offering benefits for our transgender members; we were years ahead of nearly all employers in implementing coverage for same-sex couples; we were years ahead of the ACA plans in offering comprehensive coverage for women’s health services; we were one of the first national plans to offer a generous hearing aid benefit; and we are one of the few plans to include expanded coverage for children with learning disabilities.

UUA Health Insurance Plan

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Our Living Tradition inspires and exhorts us to care for one another; we can maintain these tenets by ensuring that all employees have access to comprehensive health benefits. In this way, we ensure that everyone can take a "human-first" approach to their employment benefits.


UUA Group Insurance

Dental, Term Life, Long-Term Disability & Employee Assistance

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Supplemental insurance, especially Long Term Disability and Life Insurance, ensures that your staff and their families will be financially helped in the case of tragedy.


UUA Retirement Plan

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Help your employees prepare for their financial future through the UU Organizations Retirement Plan. Let us guide you through eligibility, enrollment, and all aspects of Plan administration.


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