Congregational Financial Health

Part of The Congregational Handbook

Human torso with emptied jean's pockets

Money – acquiring it, managing it, protecting it, and using it in service of your mission: all of these are vital to the work of your congregation.

Having a healthy culture around money – talking about it, understanding its meaning and influence in our lives, seeing it as a tool rather than an end in itself – will help a congregation have less anxiety and more open communication around money.

If this does not describe your congregation’s relationship with money, you may want to consider offering and participating in the Tapestry of Faith curriculum The Wi$dom Path, Adults: Money, Spirit, and Life. The Wi$dom Path comprises twelve 90-minute workshops, arranged around three themes: Money and Self; Money and Society; and Money, Spirit, and Life. Participants build awareness of their own “money story” and explore their own attitudes and experiences with money. They explore the ways in which money connects us with others, including issues of classism and economic justice as well as money issues in congregational life, then delve into ways to align faith, values, and a sense of a life calling with their financial ways of being.