Compensation and Staffing Survey

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We Thank You

Thank you to the Administrators, Ministers, and Congregational Leaders who represented 350 congregations in the May 2022 Compensation and Staffing Survey! Your participation and sharing of information on over 2150 positions helped us better understand actual congregational staff compensation practices and informed our approach to the Congregational Salary Program that was launched in November 2022.

Our Report

Putting the results and narrative into an understandable and meaningful report took more time than we anticipated. We’re glad to have this report finished (March 2023) and available to you! We invite you to review our conclusions and encourage you to share this report with other leaders in your congregation.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at We’re most grateful for your participation and happy to assist in any way that we can.

With Gratitude,

Jan and Sean

About the Authors

Sean Griffin

Sean is thrilled to be part of OCSF after serving as the Executive Director for a mid-sized UU congregation and, prior to that, pursuing a career in non-profit management focused on the performing arts....

Jan Gartner

Jan is passionate about helping congregations live out their values within their walls!...

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