Congregational Salary Program

By Jan Gartner

A New Approach

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In November 2022, we launched a freshly designed Congregational Salary Program in order to live more fully into UU values and better meet the needs of today's congregations. Highlights include:

  • A greater emphasis on process and values
  • A new structure for our Recommended Salary Ranges, featuring six job levels (instead of 26 job titles) and four congregational size profiles (replacing the previous six size categories)

We will keep all 2022-2023 resources available through the '23-'24 year on this Salary Recommendations: Historical Information page.

Why We Offer a Salary Program

A Practical Service

  • To equip congregations for excellence as employers
  • To assist congregations in attracting and retaining quality staff
  • To aid congregational decision-making

Living Unitarian Universalism

  • To promote equity, transparency, and economic justice
  • To create consistent expectations across our Association of Congregations
  • To help level the playing field among employees in establishing their terms of employment (as some people have built-in advantages due to cultural biases)


Introductory Information

Please review these two resources before accessing the '23-'24 Recommended Salary Ranges.

Key Documents for Use with Recommended Salary Ranges

Recommended Salary Ranges for 2023-2024

As part of our revised Congregational Salary Program, we’ve introduced a new structure for our Recommended Salary Ranges. To support you in making the most of our freshly framed guidance, we’re asking you to confirm that you've viewed the two resources listed above under Introductory Information.

Completing the form below not only assures us that you’ve learned about the basics of the new approach but also allows us to contact you in order to provide updates and/or request feedback. Upon completion of the form, you will receive access to the page containing the Recommended Salary Ranges.

Please log in or register on UUA.org to complete a simple form to gain access to Recommended Salary Ranges.
Just made an account? Check your email for a message from web@uua.org to complete your registration. Then log in and come back here to complete the form.


Process is Primary! Compensation is about more than numbers. Your compensation policies and practices are a way of living your values. Our Salary Process Guidance (PDF) includes a list of suggested policies and practices to help you ground your compensation decisions in equity, transparency, and economic justice,

Local Information: For many positions, understanding local wage norms is important. Additionally, although all Recommended Salary Ranges meet the federal minimum wage, it is possible that some do not comply with all state and local wage laws. Please be aware of minimum wage law in your area, as well as the living wage.

Cost of Living: The third-quarter Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) increase from 2021 to 2022 was 8.3%. As you budget for staff salaries in the year ahead, consider that a 8.3% wage increase would be needed to roughly maintain a typical employee's purchasing power. This this may be aspirational for most congregations as it is for many other organizations. It is common for raises to lag the CPI-U change during periods of high inflation.

Salaries for Ministerial Interns

For salary guidance on ministerial interns, see Guidelines for Ministerial Student Internships in the Internship Clearinghouse.

Need Help?

We are here to help, as are your regional Compensation Consultants.

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