Congregational Salary Program

By Jan Gartner, Sean Griffin

Revised November 2023

What's On This Page?

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This page is your one-stop shop for information related to our Congregational Salary Program, including:

  • Links to needed resources
  • Summary of Changes for '24-'25
  • Tips and Reminders

You'll see below that the Recommended Salary Ranges themselves are found on a separate page for which you need to log in.

Salary Information Found Elsewhere


After reviewing the Introductory Information, Key Documents, and Recommended Salary Ranges below, you may want to view the Webinar posted at the end of this section.

Introductory Information

If you are not yet familiar with the current Congregational Salary Program, please view these two resources before accessing the Recommended Salary Ranges.

Key Documents for Use with Recommended Salary Ranges

  • Salary Process Guidance (PDF): Includes values-based policies and practices along with instructions for use of our Recommended Salary Ranges.
  • Geo Index Listing (PDF): The Geo Index for your congregation's location provides an adjustment to national pay norms based on local wages. (For Canadian congregations, see Canadian Geo Index Listing (PDF)). Geo Index Listings for '23-'24 are still available on the Recommended Salary Ranges page, referenced below.
  • Congregational Size Profiles (PDF): Size categories (4) are based primarily on membership, with budget and staffing levels as supplemental information. This document is updated for '24-'25. Congregational Size Profiles for '23-'24 are still available on the Recommended Salary Ranges page, referenced below.
  • Job Level Rubric (PDF) : The job level of each employee is based on job characteristics.

Recommended Salary Ranges

Recommended ranges for the '24-'25 program year have been posted (and the ranges for '23-'24 are underneath them).

To support you in making the most of our salary guidance, we ask you to confirm that you've viewed the two resources listed above under Introductory Information before proceeding to the Recommended Salary Ranges.

Completing the form below not only assures us that you’ve learned about the basics of our approach but also allows us to contact you in order to provide updates and/or request feedback. Upon completion of the form, you will receive access to the page containing the Recommended Salary Ranges.

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Summary of Changes for 2024-2025

A few things to note about changes for the 2024-2025 program year:

  • Recommended salary ranges have increased 3% for all positions, job levels, and congregational sizes, in keeping with nonprofit salary structure trends. In adjusting salaries, keep in mind the Ruler Method, as described in our Salary Process Guidance (PDF)
  • In our '24-'25 Geo Index Listing, for the first time, we have added a Geo Index 8. This is due to an increasing number of congregations in locations where wages are consistently well above 127% of the U.S. average. We expect it will take congregations more than one budget cycle to fully adjust to a higher Geo Index.

Tips and Reminders

Process is Primary! Compensation is about more than numbers. Your compensation policies and practices are a way of living your values. Our Salary Process Guidance (PDF) includes a list of suggested policies and practices to help you ground your compensation decisions in equity, transparency, and economic justice.

Local Information: For many positions, understanding local wage norms is important. Additionally, although all Recommended Salary Ranges meet the federal minimum wage, it is possible that some do not comply with all state and local wage laws. Please be aware of minimum wage law in your area, as well as the living wage.

Cost of Living: The average third-quarter Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) increase from 2022 to 2023 was 3.5%. As you budget for staff salaries in the year ahead, consider that a 3.5% wage increase is needed to roughly maintain a typical employee's purchasing power.

Ministerial Salaries: For ministers, the salaries on the charts are for Salary + Housing.

Need Help?

We are here to help, as are your regional Compensation Consultants.

In early 2023, we presented a series of webinars about our then-new Congregational Salary Program. You may find this webinar helpful in understanding our approach:

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