Hear the Angels Sing

Moonlight shines down on a thick forest of evergreen trees, dusted with snow

Night has fallen.
Stars beckon in an indigo and velvet sky
Somewhere a baby is being born.
Tonight, the world lazes in a love of goodness
while glories stream from heaven afar
God is meeting us, tonight, where we are.

So be not afraid, and be of good cheer,
We wish you, each and all, very Merry Christmas -
The hopes and fears of all the years have been met,
so rest beside the winding road and hear the angels sing.

About the Author

Tom Schade

The Rev. Tom Schade retired in 2012 after serving for thirteen years as minister of First Unitarian Church of Worcester, Massachusetts. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and writes The Lively Tradition; follow him on Twitter at @tominma.The Lively Tradition Tom Schade's Twitter account...

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