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  • Whereas, the emergency declaration for COVID-19 was terminated in 2023 without sufficient strategies in place to manage the persistent challenges of the virus, exacerbating its disproportionate impact on marginalized groups (i.e., disabled, uninsured and underinsured, incarcerated, BIPOC, LGBTQIA...

    2024 | Action of Immediate Witness
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  • What a peculiar phase of Pandemic Church we are in….although I guess that can be said about every chapter we’ve experienced! This phase may well be called Dipping the Toe.

    By Megan Foley | July 18, 2022 | From Better Together
    Tagged as: #COVID19, Building Community, Leadership Development, Worship
  • Help us feel at home with ourselves and with one another so there is no need to pretend.

    Prayer | By Molly Kliment-Jenkins | May 22, 2022 | From WorshipWeb
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  • The UUA honors the 1 million Americans who have died due to COVID-19 and continues to seek ways to support those who are most vulnerable within and beyond UU congregations.

    May 5, 2022 | From Press Releases
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  • We live in such a "more is better" culture. Perhaps this is a time to be countercultural - to assess what's most important, and to determine what is in a congregation's capacity to do well with the resources (including human resources) they have.

    By Jan Gartner, Lisa Presley | March 17, 2022 | From LeaderLab
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  • As congregations return to in-person ministry there are creative ways to honor religious professionals' need to reduce their own risk. Such approaches avoid forcing religious professionals to serve in person when doing so would put their health or their household's health at significant risk.

    January 21, 2022 | From LeaderLab
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  • A letter explaining the UUA's shift toward presenting COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies rather than specific metric-based guidance.

    Book | January 21, 2022 | From LeaderLab
    Tagged as: #COVID19, Safety and Staffing in Congregations, Safe Congregations
  • As a faith community, we need to be grounded in our principles and values when making decisions during times of turmoil.

    Leader Resource | By Susan Frederick-Gray | April 15, 2021 | From LeaderLab
    Tagged as: #COVID19, UU Theology
  • A library of resources and strategies to help your congregation address safety and other issues during a pandemic.

    Book | January 7, 2022 | From LeaderLab
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  • As the omicron surge–tsunami–hits the United States I am grateful for the protection of vaccination and yet I am braced against less deadly, but still deep impact. The impact of a form of trauma called “moral injury” or “moral distress”. I’m worried for all of us.

    By Evin Carvill Ziemer | January 3, 2022 | From Better Together
    Tagged as: #COVID19, Support and Caring in Congregations