We Are Still Grateful

Spirit of Life,
We have been plagued this year by a tiny yet powerful virus that has ravaged our world, disrupted our daily existence, and taken too many lives.
We have been distressed by economic uncertainty, and many of us continue to struggle financially.
We have been wracked by political divisiveness that has torn apart families and friendships.
We have been troubled by racial injustice and prejudice that continues to divide us at a time when we need one another more than ever.
We are tired.

And still, we are grateful.

A purple and pink sky, at twilight, with a burning sun setting behind dry, wintry stalks of grain.

Grateful for the earth that produces the food we eat.
Grateful for the hands that grow it, tend it, deliver it, and prepare it.
Grateful for the warmth of the sun and shelter from the cold.
Grateful for those who work to heal our sickness.
Grateful for our families and friends, even though we may find ourselves apart this Thanksgiving.
Grateful for another and the opportunity to begin again in love to address our differences and mend our relationships.
Grateful for the gift of life itself.
We are grateful.