International Justice and Action

Why We Cannot Turn Away: Resources for UUs Engaging Palestine & Israel

As our world bears witness to the tragic and traumatic events unfolding in Palestine & Israel, many of us are yearning for a faithful way to discuss and engage with what is occurring. On November 6th, UUA staff and special guests hosted a 90-minute webinar for religious professionals and congregational leaders, “Why We Cannot Turn Away: Resources for UU Leaders Engaging on Israel & Palestine."

Sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association and hosted by Muslim and Jewish UU professionals, this session features experts sharing about UU engagement on these issues over the past 40 years, reflecting on the many-layered history of the region, exploring the complexities of Islamophobia and antisemitism, and faithful responses to the ongoing violence. In this time of collective fear and grief, let us form a community willing to learn, struggle, and heal together.

We are keenly aware that members of our Unitarian Universalist community do not all share an identical analysis of the history of the region or the realities of the current crisis, and yet what is clear is that we are all united by our shared heartbreak over the killing, kidnapping, displacement, and violence impacting so many of our human siblings, regardless of their national identities.

This webinar includes the voices of many speakers representing a wide range of experiences and identities. Individual presenters represent their own perspectives and opinions, which may differ from those of the UUA. For more about the UUA's historic and current public statements about Israel/Palestine, please see our page UUA Statements, Public Writings, and Community Conversations on Palestine/Israel.