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Congratulations to Current Moderator (Responsive Resolution), General Assembly 2014

General Assembly 2014 Event 505

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JIM KEY: Yes. So we have somebody else at the procedures mic. Oh, we have two? Oh, my word.

DENNY DAVIDOFF: Moderator Key. My name is Denny Davidoff And I am a delegate from the Unitarian Church in West Port. And I have this friend who's not a delegate, so she is not able to speak.

JIM KEY: That would have been the first time in a very long time.

DENNY DAVIDOFF: So I would like to know where my friend and I would go to offer a motion for the delegates to vote on that would express our admiration and our commiseration and our congratulations to you, Jim Key—


—for a job well done. Where would we go to do that?

JIM KEY: I'm not as modest as Sister Simone.

DENNY DAVIDOFF: Now, Mr. Moderator, if you do this right, we will get to say it all over again.

JIM KEY: Well, I think it's only appropriate, since the moderator has the power to recognize non-delegates, I would recognize your friend who is not yet identified, if she would go—

GROUP: Whoa.

if you all would wish to go to the amendment microphone.

DENNY DAVIDOFF: We can do a whole other shtick on our way.

SPEAKER 1: No, he said amendment. I'm the placeholder.

JIM KEY: Take your time. We're ahead of time.

GINI COURTER: OK. Great. Thank you.

JIM KEY: Sometimes I feel like David. I'm going to just—the moderator recognizes the delegate—oh, the friend of court at the amendment microphone.

GINI COURTER: Well, I'm a friend of a former moderator.

JIM KEY: There you go. There you go.

GINI COURTER: Thank you. Gini Courter from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Traverse in Traverse City, Michigan. My friend Denny and I, who is a delegate, of course—I'm not, and I'm grateful for your latitude in this matter, Mr. Moderator—

DENNY DAVIDOFF: Which I would have argued with.

GINI COURTER: Which she would have argued with and turned me down. So clearly you're the easiest moderator we've had in a while.

DENNY DAVIDOFF: But he'll hear from other delegates about this.

GINI COURTER: Yeah. I know, and that's a sad thing. That's OK. Next year, you'll have to pay for this. But what we want to do is make a motion on behalf of the body, and affirmation that we want to provide our acclamation, our affirmation, our commiseration, and our congratulations on a fabulous well governed General Assembly.


JIM KEY: I recognize the delegate at the pro microphone.

Mr. Moderator, are we—whew.

JIM KEY: As we say in the business, you're hot.


CAROLINA KRAWARIK-GRAHAM: I'm Carolina Krawarik-Graham from Church of the Larger Fellowship. And I, too, have a friend who's not a delegate who, I think, might want to speak in favor of this. Would you make an exception?

JIM KEY: I don't think we need any more conversation on this. Do you really?


JIM KEY: I recognize the delegate at the procedure microphone.

SPEAKER 2: Near Madame Moderator, don't we require a 2/3 vote of the delegates—

JIM KEY: We do.

SPEAKER 2: —to break the rules of order and introduce a motion that's not in the—

JIM KEY: So do we have a proposal to change the rules of order, to allow the moderator to allow yet a second non-delegate to speak?

GINI COURTER: Actually, Mr. Moderator, we were offering this in the slot for responsive resolutions.

JIM KEY: Ah. No, you're too late for responsive resolution. That should've been at the moderator—


GINI COURTER: No. We're just too late to tell you.


JIM KEY: I'm caving on this.

DENNY DAVIDOFF: It's never too late.

JIM KEY: It's never too late. Would you like to bring a friend to the pro microphone?

SPEAKER 3: I would love to, but she seems reluctant to speak.


DENNY DAVIDOFF: So maybe somebody could call the question.


DENNY DAVIDOFF: Can I suggest—


DENNY DAVIDOFF: Can I suggest acclimation or unanimous consent or we love you, Jim?

JIM KEY: No. We do have—I recognize the delegate at the procedure mic.

KATHERINE ALLEN: Moderator Key, my name is Katherine Allen, from Unity Church-Unitarian, and I would like to call the question.

JIM KEY: Thank you. Thank you. So you've heard the responsive resolution, so well thought out. And we've heard pro, and there's no one at the con, so let's vote. All of those in favor by acclamation.

I think it carries. Thank you very much. And we very much appreciate it. I'm speaking in the—you know—the editorial we. Thank you.

That was sweet. I feel the love. I really do.