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Rev. Miyake, General Session V, General Assembly 2014

General Assembly 2014 Event 402

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Introduction: Rev. Miyake of International Association for Religious Freedom

ERIC CHERRY: Unitarians and Universalists and Unitarian Universalists have had unique and important relationships with Japanese religious partners since the end of the 19th century. But in the 1970s, new relationships began to form through the International Association for Religious Freedom. One of those relationships is with Konkokyo, a Japanese Shinto sect which shares many values with Unitarian Universalism. And especially with the Konko Church of Izuo in Osaka, Japan.

The founder of that church, Reverend Toshio Miyake, was a close colleague of many UUA leaders in the interfaith struggle for world peace. And today, the leader of that church and the current president of the International Association for Religious Freedom is here to share a word with all of us. Please welcome the most Reverend Mitsuo Miyake.


REVEREND MITSUO MIYAKE: Good morning. [SPEAKING JAPANESE] Thank you very much.