Who can have a my.UUA.org account?

Every congregation has a pre-established MyUUA account. The username for the congregation's account will be the 4-digit Congregation ID number assigned by the UUA. The case-sensitive password can be reset on the login page if your congregation's staff does not remember the current password.

Additionally, some authorized individuals at congregations may have registered for their own personal MyUUA usernames, with congregational data-updating permissions enabled. These accounts are no longer required for making congregational data updates (the shared congregational accounts have the same access). However, if you have your own registered username as a MyUUA Data Services Updater, you may use it to log in.

If you are responsible for maintaining your congregation's membership list, and have questions about how to use a MyUUA account, contact Data Services today with your full name, congregation name, and your position at the congregation. We will contact you within one business day with help.

If you already have a MyUUA username with data-updating permissions enabled, you can log in to your account here.