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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) website averages over 8,600 visits a day—over 5,500 from new users. Every week, about 4,500 congregation searches are performed—over 2,600 from new users. is one of our most important tools for introducing seekers to Unitarian Universalism.

The Purpose of

The website should enable and motivate people to:

  1. find and participate in congregations or other UU-sponsored groups and events
  2. access resources online themselves
  3. donate to or purchase from the UUA or its causes
  4. engage with UUA materials, including passing information about Unitarian Universalism along to others, leaving comments, and other actions

Latest Improvements

A new home page debuted in May 2017, with a clearer statement of who we are and how to find a congregation. 

You can share your congregation's participation in Social Justice Actions and Initiatives, helping to place Unitarian Universalist activism on the map.

There are now discussion forums on Most are in private sections and are used for online courses. Group members can post about new topics or comment on other people's posts, and subscribe to receive email notifications about new posts and comments. They can also send direct messages to other account holders. For example, you can discuss how to create and maintain your congregation's website in the Congregational Websites Forum.

You can log in and comment on many pages, including most of the pages in Worship Web. You can also reply to comments, flag them as inappropriate, "like" them, and subscribe to receive email notifications of new comments on the page.

When you create your account, you can add an image and biographical text and indicate which congregation you are associated with.

If you are logged in, almost every page on now has a Like button and an icon that adds the page to your list of bookmarks. A Bookmark link at the top of every page gives you a quick way to see your list of bookmarked pages.

Specific groups can have private sections of pages and files that are accessible only to members of the group. For example, ministers in preliminary fellowship can have accounts that are in a group that gives them access to pages specifically for them. accounts will give you access to other features later in the winter of 2016, when we add discussion forums to some pages.

Here's a list of other recent improvements to

More Information

You can also visit, the UUA's online magazine.

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