WP Calendar vs Google
By George.Carvill

Just getting our site up. ascvt.org

But we are struggling with deciding whether to dump the UUA template events/calendar widget and embed our existing Google calendar, or switch over.

I see benefits to both.

I would be interested in hearing which choice you made, and why.


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margy 1 year 8 months ago

Simple Calendar fits on a webpage and resizes for tablets and phones. The Google Calendar doesn't do that as nicely. You can see an example on my own congregation's website at http://www.cvuus.org/blog/events/.

George.Carvill 1 year 8 months ago

FYI, here's a screen shot from my iPad: https://screencast.com/t/fJag2Bc1

For more information contact web@uua.org.

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