Which Wordpress "Plan" is needed to use the UUA template?
By Jackwebber

We are going to use the UUA website template. When buying a "plan" to start using Wordpress, there are 4 options: Free, Personal, Premium and Business. In order to use the UUA template do we need to buy the Business plan or can we get buy with one of the less expensive plans?  Is Wordpress where we should buy and register our new domain name? Will Wordpress also be the "host" or do we need to find another hosting site? Thanks.



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margy 1 year 12 months ago

WordPress is free -- it's an open source program. Information about it is at http://wordpress.org

It sounds like you are talking about a web hosting plan from WordPress.com, commercial folks who do WordPress hosting (https://wordpress.com/#plans). You don't need to host at WordPress.com. You can use almost any web hosting company; they almost all support the WordPress program.

kkruser 1 year 12 months ago

Folks on the websters list (http://lists.uua.org/mailman/listinfo/websters) are currently discussing BlueHost with mostly positive reviews so far.

margy 1 year 8 months ago

Dreamhost has a free plan for non-profits, which our congregation uses. (http://cvuus.org)

For more information contact web@uua.org.

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