By uuawebteam
Am I able to load in our old website pages (www.uusociety.org) into our new one or do I need to archive it and copy it manually (for example copy to notepad then to wordpress).    Thanks!

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Anonymous (not verified) 4 years 3 days ago

It looks like your current site is just html with no CMS, so you'd have to copy the content manually.

Anonymous (not verified) 3 years 11 months ago

But you should be able to copy directly into WordPress without going to Notepad first.

fortboise (not verified) 3 years 11 months ago

It depends on how you want to present the old content. My plan for our site is to have WordPress in a subdirectory with the default pages redirecting into WordPress, but leaving the old site accessible in place. I'll modify the old template so that the navigation makes it easy/obvious how to get to the current (WordPress) site, once it's up, but leaving inter-page links and URLs intact.

For more information contact web@uua.org.

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