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By uuawebteam
I have an existing WP website. In our staging area I've installed the UUA theme, activated it, and installed & activated the required plugins (only 4 - a much shorter list than in the webinar demo). Now I'm trying to import the demo content. It fails with msgs like: Failed to import uu_service_speaker Ben Robins Failed to import carousel_category Children's RE Failed to import event-categories Committee Meetings Failed to import uu_service_topics Evangelism Failed to import event-tags Holiday Failed to import department Ministry Failed to import event-categories Seniors Failed to import Media “#043 - Melanie David PhD” Failed to import “Membership Committee Meeting”: Invalid post type event Failed to import “Serve with us at the homeless shelter”: Invalid post type cptbc Failed to import “UUCBG - Board Room”: Invalid post type location ailed to import “Onsite Farmers Market”: Invalid post type event-recurring Failed to import “Rev. Dr. Frances Sink”: Invalid post type staff Failed to import “The Church of Our Imagination”: Invalid post type uu_services Failed to import “Bronson Alcott”: Invalid post type testimonial Seems like I'm missing some infrastructure. Thanks!

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Anonymous (not verified) 4 years 4 months ago

Hi Beth,
That would be expected. It's failing at importing content that you don't have access to without enabling the plugins. So, if you don't enable the Carousel plugin, it can't import the carousels. Don't worry about it. If you're working on an existing site, you'll have the content you need already (and content related to a feature you're not using isn't useful anyway).

Anonymous (not verified) 4 years 4 months ago

I downloaded and activated all the required plugins. Are there optional plugins that would be helpful? As I browse around now I see references to optional plugins: Events Manager or Events Calender, WooThemes Testimonial, etc. Are these listed somewhere I'm missing? Ahh- searching for plugins turned up The Theme's Plugins page. Very helpful! If it were listed in the sidebar menu (under About the Theme, for example) I'd have found it a lot sooner.
Next problem: The Widgets page says the UU Services Plugin is included in the theme, but I don't have it. I did update the theme before I switched to it... (I downloaded it for the first time last fall.) The Plugins page says all these plugins were downloaded with the theme, but I don't have any of the optional ones. I'm starting to think I should scrap what I have and download the theme afresh.

Anonymous (not verified) 4 years 4 months ago

I got a new download of the theme, and it's a lot different! So you might want to warn people about that. Start fresh with a current download. Even thought WP says you're up to date, you're not. This one has a different and longer list of plugins! Haven't gotten to the content import yet, but I predict it will go a lot better.

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