Home Page Widgets on home computer set-up
By uuawebteam
In order to get my widgets to show on the home page, I understand that I have to insert a link to a separate web page on my regular church web site. However, I am setting this up on my home computer so my domain name is How do I create a separate web site address for my church\'s next service or its archivves?

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Carey 3 years 9 months ago

You may want to check that your Home page is selected as your Front Page under Settings > Reading. If that's true, and you've followed the Homepage setup instructions, then hopefully you'll see everything! 

Naomi Moon (not verified) 3 years 9 months ago

Hi Curious,
You just want to link to the page that you want the user to go to when they click on the link. So, if you want them to go to your next service page, for example, you would put http://www.tahomauu.com/worship/upcoming-worship-services/.
Is that what you were asking?

For more information contact web@uua.org.

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