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  • Collaborate DNA

    Some respected congregational analysts have predicted those congregations which are not closely connected to and collaborating with other congregations will suffer in the future. To thrive in the modern American religious scene will most likely require networks of strong mutual...
    By Joan Van Becelaere | 10/7/2013
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  • Regionalization and Youth

    Regionalization is bringing new excitement to our youth programming and I’m really excited to be part of it. There's just so much new possibility right now....
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  • "Boston" is Everywhere

    Often I hear comments when I am on the road about “Boston” or the “UUA” as being very far and removed from the everyday life of our congregations.
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  • Welcome to Better Together!

    Several years ago, the OMD staff had a blog where we wrote about issues facing the district once a week. Over a year ago we decided to stop writing the blog because there were so many other UU blogs out there....
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  • Joseph Priestley District Hires New District Executive

    The JPD Board and the UUA Office of Congregational Life are very pleased to announce the appointment of Reverend David Pyle as our new JPD District Executive.
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