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Community UU Congregation in White Plains Shares Outreach Plan

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Are you struggling with how to share your virtual programming with your members? Here is a resource for you!

Tracy Breneman at Community UU Congregation in White Plains has created a google doc they share with all their congregants that is updated regularly with all the offerings and the zoom connection information for their events. You can see an edited version here. The document is updated daily and categories are changed as new materials are offered (many of the offerings are by members of the congregation). Note that at the bottom are resources that have been shared through other venues, listed for members to access quickly and easily. For members who are not online but would like to dial in to worship or meetings, next week’s plan is printed and mailed to them.

Their minister, Rev. Kimberly Debus, sabbatical minister, described it this way: "In terms of our scheduling, we are prioritizing connection over content - folks want to check in, ask questions, be with one another. This may shift in April, depending how long this goes on, but right now folks appreciate knowing there is time to be together online beyond Sunday morning. ALSO: The bedtime stories are AH-MAZ-ING. "

Now this is not to say that every congregation should be creating this much programming for all their members. This is more a example of a way to organize what you are doing and let folks know how to find you. And a reminder that your members may have offerings that they can share if you can provide a virtual space for them to do so.

Is your congregation doing something innovative in this time to support your members? Have you found a different way to share this information? Let us know! We'd love to share what others are doing with the rest of the region. By working together we can help each other through this crisis. We are Better Together.