What does the General Assembly Youth Worship Coordinator Do?

General Assembly Youth Tapestry Worship

Spiritual practice and worship at GA.

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Who You’d Work With

Hi! I’m Emma! We’d be working with our adult person, who’s gonna be super crazy cool, and the Synergy planning team. I’ve been my “district”’s worship coordinator for the past four years, which has been super snazzy. I love worship with all of my heart, really and truly. I’m from Ohio which is actually a very nice state. I really like being outside but I get cold easily, I’m a Capricorn, and I was supposed to be born the 21st of December and my parents were going to name me Winter Solstice. That didn’t happen. I’m just Emma. My favorite kind of food is soup and my favorite kind of jacket is a jean jacket.

What You’d Do This Year

Last year, when I was the Junior Worship Coordinator, I essentially planned and lead a few spiritual practices, a workshop, a youth worship, delivered the chalice lighting for the Synergy bridging service, and ate a lot of cherry tomatoes. This year we really want to focus in on giving youth practical spiritual skills so we’ll have two (2!) youth worships and many opportunities to share spiritual practices! So start brainstorming what spiritual practices you love and want to share! If you don’t like cherry tomatoes that’s okay, I can eat enough for both of us.

What Skills and Experience Will Make You Successful

I’ve definitely been in leadership for a good chunk of time, five years? And that’s been over all really helpful. GA is pretty different than local events, it’s a whole lot bigger for starters. So working with larger worships before would be crazy helpful and being able to plan both circle worships and traditional worships is key. Additionally, having a good foundation of songs, readings, and rituals is super helpful. GA presents a really cool opportunity where we get to blend both of those types of worship to create something that is both centered around youth culture and needs and is more welcoming for all ages. I’m an introvert so sometimes I run out of spoons more quickly than others. A more extroverted partner could be really cool to balance each other out! I’m more of a planning things out and having them done early sort of gal, so make of that what you will. Also, if you like Good and Plenties please tell me, they’re so good and no one else likes them.

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