What Does the General Assembly Youth of Color Coordinator Do?

General Assembly Youth of Color with Ware Lecturer Brittany Packnett

Youth of Color opportunities at GA

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Who You’d Work With

Hi I'm Ehlona Walker! I'm from Wisconsin, home of dairy and allergic-to-dairy me and a lot of cheese, and I've been UU since 7th grade. I am innately a theater kid and have spent most of my life attending or being in musicals and plays. I'm a very spiritual person and practice ancestral worship which involves lots of singing! (Very good for the theater kid in me.) I'm also very big into protests and advocating for youth of color because there's a lot to work on! I'm very goal oriented and focus hard on making what’s on the schedule happen. If you can be spontaneous but also goal oriented to balance me out that would be great!

What You’d Do This Year

My first year as junior coordinator was a little confusing but still really great. There really wasn't explicit instructions on what my senior or I were supposed to do so we found events to support youth of color at. This year, I will make sure you understand what needs to be done and get it accomplished together. Along with the youth of color lunch and providing a supportive presence at GA, we'll be planning a worship for youth of color!! Get hyped and bring your ideas!

What Skills and Experience Will Make You Successful

I've been in leadership for about 3 years but mostly in local school and church settings. GA is very different from both of those things, because we're providing a presence for youth of color from UU communities all across the country! If you've attended Thrive (UU Leadership School for youth of color) please note that, it’s a huge plus! It’s also important that you have some background about who we are as people of color in our faith. That can be through your own research or trainings, but it’s important to have so you are able to amplify your voice and other youth of color's voices. Being outgoing is very helpful to approach other youth of color to invite them to our events and provide them a welcoming space. General Assembly can be a very great experience, but there can be conflicts and that's where it can be beneficial to have a level head. While we won't be chaplaining, being able to lead youth to our designated adult chaplains and provide a comforting presence is really great. Be ready for a lit time and some great food!

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