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UUA General Assembly announced on lightboard

Gear up for Youth@GA 2019!

By Kari Gottfried

General Assembly (GA) might seem like it’s just five days a year, but for most of the other 360 days GA youth staff are working hard to ensure that youth programming is as inclusive, spiritually deep, and FUN as it always is!

We’re your GA 2019 deans, Kari & Andreas, and we’re SO excited to introduce ourselves and get to know all y’all as well. To get started on a bit of a personal level, we’ve created this quiz: “Which GA Youth Dean Are You?” to figure out if you’re more of a “Kari” or an “Andreas”. Leave your results in the comments!


Kari Gottfried is the Senior Youth Dean for GA 2019. She’s from Corvallis, Oregon, and is just starting her last year of high school. Outside of the many UU groups she’s involved with (especially her district board, the Pacific Northwest District (PNWD) Youth Empowerment Services Team), she spends her time editing her school paper, reading the New York Times, and getting involved in local social justice work. She thinks that the second principle would make a great super power because then everyone would just be nice!

Andreas Rivera Young is the Junior Youth Dean for GA 2019. He's from Los Angeles, California, and now lives in Staunton, Virginia. He just started his junior year of high school. When not UUing, he can be found on the soccer pitch or parked on a couch watching Arsenal. He thinks the best UU principle to make into a super power would be the seventh because Spiderman is a beast. He hopes to get to know you all in wonderful Spokane, Washington!

Feel free to email any questions about anything to Andreas or Kari at

Kari Gottfried

Kari Gottfried Sr. Dean

Andreas Rivera Young

Andreas Rivera Young Jr Dean

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