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Showing + Sustaining Reproductive Justice

By Ted Resnikoff

Reproductive Justice Tour Daily Blog: Day 2 and 3

Love Reaches Out in many ways, and during the week of June 16–21 Blue Boat invites you to join high school youth of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus and surrounding UU congregations on their Justice Trip learning about Reproductive Justice. –Ed.

This is us breaking off into groups to brainstorm ideas for our video project.


As of today, we’ve listened to an astounding array of stories from a variety of different people. We’ve heard about more and more ways in which peoples’ lives have been affected by reproductive justice or a lack thereof. This may just be my own opinion, but it seems to me that, with so many stories… this project is really beginning to come together.


Today we reflected a lot on the stories that we have heard so far. Even though those of us participating in this project were pro-choice prior to this week, we were all moved emotionally by how raw and powerful some of these peoples’ experiences were. It excites me to think about how the video(s) that result from this can potentially reach out to uncertain or opposing people, and help them understand just how important reproductive justice is in the lives of each and every person on this planet.


A highlight of our week: dessert!  Keeping social justice work sustainable!        
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Photo provided by Nick Hurt.
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