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Little Separation Between UU Principles and Life
Little Separation Between UU Principles and Life


by Kristen Psaki kristen [dot] psaki [at] gmail [dot] com @kristenpsaki   Rev. Brian Ferguson Minister San Marcos UU Fellowship San Marcos, TX

Rev. Brian Ferguson sauntered through GA wearing a pair of very cool shoes. Much to the chagrin of their daughter Isla, Brian and his partner Natalie actually picked up matching pairs of these hand-painted deluxe kicks at Austin’s annual “Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.”

Reflecting on their bowling-shoe-like appearance Brian mused: “Why don’t people wear bowling shoes more often? They are just great shoes.” Agreed.

  On #Living UU

“As a UU minister there seems to be very little separation between my UU principles and my life. But every so often it does fall-out. I always like what Martin Buber says, ‘Human beings are promise-making, promise-breaking, promise-renewing people.’”

“So there’s always that idea of when I do fail the principles I just promise to try and do better tomorrow than I did today and better today than I did yesterday.”

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The authors of #Living UU are Beth Neavel-Cortez and Kristen Psaki. Beth is a free-lance journalist based in Austin, Texas. She is a life long Unitarian Universalist who knows that story-telling is what saves us. Kristen is a member of First Unitarian Society of Denver. She is pursuing ministerial ordination with Unitarian Universalist Association. Kristen loves chocolate and coffee, together or separately.

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