Serving Up UUism – One Cup at a Time
Serving Up UUism – One Cup at a Time
As part of inquiry into new and innovative ways to bring the values, principles and faith of Unitarian Universalism into the larger world, we post and excerpt of this article from the current issue of UU World. – Ed.  

Forget the Cream – I'll Take Mine with Love

Unitarian Universalism has changed a lot in the past 50 years, embracing wide-ranging beliefs and practices. What hasn’t changed as much is the form it takes.

By and large, Unitarian Universalists gather in sanctuaries for Sunday morning worship and organize themselves as congregations.

A group in California is trying to figure out a new form for a religious community, asking what it would look like if the variety of UU gatherings mirrored the diversity of the theology.

The setting they’re creating is a blend of familiar ingredients mixed together to make something entirely new in UU circles. It has elements of a coffee shop, a community center, a classroom, a yoga studio, a meditation center, a bookstore, a place to organize for social justice, and a sanctuary.

It’s called the Beloved Café. Read the full story on UU World here.

Visit the Beloved Café blogsite to learn more.

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