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Religions Move Toward Accepting LGBTQ

By Ted Resnikoff



Unitarian Universalists Welcome Them

Unitarian Universalism has long been a welcoming faith, and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has a long history of fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community. Finally, other religions are moving to accept LGBTQ members in their faith. The First and Third Principles of Unitarian Universalism speak directly to welcoming all spiritual seekers. William Saleton reports that other religions are moving toward this position with respect to the LGBTQ community as well, citing a statement that before his elevation to Pope, Francis supported same-sex civil unions as a human rights issue.

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While it isn't clear whether the change in church policy (and the revision of theological teaching necessary to support it) or the evolution of their congregants thinking on issues such as marriage-equality is driving the new acceptance of LGBTQ congregants, what is clear is that the trend is moving toward the position of Unitarian Universalism.

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Molly Ball, the Atlantic’s terrific political writer, summarized the trend toward acceptance of same-sex marriage. Forty percent of Republicans and 61 percent of Republicans under 30 now favor it, she reported. So do 57 percent of Catholics and 55 percent of mainline Protestants. Even among the core opposition group, white evangelicals, acceptance is taking hold. “In the past 10 years, the number of white evangelicals who support gay marriage has gone from 11 percent to 24 percent,” Ball observed.
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