Going Viral for Good
Going Viral for Good
Re-posted from the Spring issue of UU World - now available on line. – Ed. My hands were shaking. The Iowa House chambers were much larger than I remembered them being from my fourth grade Memorial Day visit. They were filled to the brim with anxious observers wearing red or blue, depending on their stance on the issue of the night: the proposed constitutional amendment to redefine marriage in Iowa. As I approached the microphone to testify, I saw for the first time just how many people were in this massive room. I would have whistled if my mouth had had any moisture in it. “My name is Zach Wahls,” I began. “I’m a sixth-generation Iowan, an engineering student at the University of Iowa, and I was raised by two women.” Read the inspiring story on UU World of how Zach Wahl's testimony before the Iowa House went viral and learn how his faith in the seven core Principles of Unitarian Universalism led him to lift his voice.

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  • Ted joined the staff of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in February 2010. He brings more than twenty-five years of experience using media to create social change by creating communications strategies and content for progressive non-profits, political campaigns, and cause based...

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