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Build Faith by Plan

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C*UUYAN creates and supports events catering to Young Adults (YAs) as an identity group, and allowing YAs to get together to celebrate and practice forms of Unitarian Universalism that feed them. These gatherings, however, left YA’s isolated from the larger faith. In response to this issue, C*UUYAN has transitioned into Faith Architects.* The goal of Faith Architects is to support Young Adults retaining their Unitarian Universalist identity, while more fully participating in the wider faith.

Read the C*UUYAN blog post on how you can be a part of Faith Architects here.

To volunteer your services please e-mail julieelizabethbrock [at] gmail [dot] com">Julie Brock, Interim Project Coordinator. Donate to support scholarships, supplies, and staff – no amount is too small – via PayPal to steeringcommittee [at] uuyan [dot] org">steeringcommittee [at] uuyan [dot] org

* Faith Architects is technically in a probationary year, and the C*UUYAN bylaws have been suspended while the Transition Team compiles the structure of Faith Architects. At ConCentric 2014 we will vote to either keep Faith Architects, or revert to the C*UUYAN bylaws.  

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