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Youth Caucus Welcome Packet Released

By Jeremie Bateman

Welcome Packet

Welcome Packet

The Youth Caucus Welcome Packet for General Assembly 2014 has been released!

Containing essential information for youth attendees, their parents and their sponsors, the Welcome Packet is available right here on Blue Boat. The Welcome Packet includes everything you need to know from programming highlights through sponsor responsibilities and from calls for volunteers through packing list. It's a must-read.  This packet also contains information about the Youth Caucus room and the required orientation.

Emails will be sent directly to youth registrants, and where email addresses have been provided, to their parents and sponsors as well. If you know a youth attending General Assembly make sure that they – along with their families and sponsors – have access to this information.

Should you prefer a text-only PDF to print or reference off-line, you can download one. We do, however, recommend utilizing the online packet for direct links and videos.