Summer Events for Youth and Emerging Adults

Announcing YaYA summer events

By Ted Resnikoff

Know a UU youth or emerging adult whose faith is ready to catch fire? Send them to us this summer!

For youth and emerging adults a major component of faith experience is relational. Living bonds of values, identity, and faith-practice with other youth or emerging adults transforms the faith they carry within themselves into a vibrant community of faith in action. Regional and congregation-based events are great immersive experiences for youth or emerging adults to connect. For young Unitarian Universalists (UUs) the experience of participating in a faith community of national scope is a component of their faith identity that has inestimable value in forging lasting bonds of UU faith into their adulthood.

The UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (YaYA) produces summer events where youth or emerging adults connect with UUs from every corner of the land. Each event features unique programming designed to explore specific needs and questions; everyone who attends leaves for home with their Unitarian Universalist faith ignited, vibrant, and connected to others in the world.

Each YaYA summer event has a specific focus, allowing young UUs to live their faith as they are:

Focus on identityThrive Youth for youth of color to deepen connections to community, place, and purpose.

Focus on faith: Summer Seminary for juniors and seniors to expand and explore their capacity for ministering from UU Sources, Principles, and values as part of their Unitarian Universalist future.

Focus on faith community: Meaning Makers for emerging adults to form bonds of faith that surpass place and create Unitarian Universalist religious community with others, no matter where they are.

Each event lasts less than a week, and ignites UU faith identity in youth and emerging adults that burns brighter than before.

Registration for summer events is on a rolling basis until they reach capacity, however financial aid deadlines exist for each program (based upon the event date) - so don't wait!

Description of YaYA summer events mission

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Description of YaYA summer events mission

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Description of YaYA summer events mission

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