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Breaking Humanist Ground

By Ted Resnikoff



Tufts Universitywhich has long has a relationship with Unitarian Universalism(UU) – became the first college campus in the United States to hire an humanist chaplain. Tufts has created the position of "Humanist in Residence of the Tufts University Chaplaincy".

Chris Stedman finds out why in his interview of UU Rev. Greg McGonigle, of the Tufts University Chaplaincy in his story on Religion News Service, "After Atheists Asked, Tufts Creates First University-Funded Humanist Position".

Who is Chris Stedman? Read more by Chris Stedman – "Faitheist" - Published by Beacon Press. (Available at the UUA Bookstore) On Huffington Post On Patheos On Religion News Service On The New Humanism After atheists asked, Tufts creates first university-funded Humanist position