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Rise Up with the TIDE

By Ted Resnikoff



Spread Pluralism, Share Your Voice, Change the World!

TIDE CONFERENCE Memorial Day Weekend 2015 : WAVE OF CHANGE

Youth LEAD (Youth Leaders Engaging Across Differences) – formerly Interfaith Action – is an organization that aims to reflect, connect, and act across differences. Each year we present the opportunity for youth to attend the annual Teenage Identity and Diversity Education (TIDE) Conference. The TIDE Conference is organized by about 50 high school students of diverse backgrounds. The goal of the conference is to develop leadership and facilitation skills that allow teens to communicate respectfully and effectively about highly charged issues. After taking part in workshops, dialogues and other activities throughout the weekend, participants will leave TIDE inspired and prepared to use their new knowledge to create change in their own communities based on what they are individually passionate about.

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WHO: High School Students from all across the United States WHEN AND WHERE: The Teenage Identity and Diversity Education (TIDE) Conference is held during Memorial Day Weekend. In past years, this conference has been held at Harvard University in Cambridge, Northeastern University in Boston, and Stonehill College in Easton, MA. The location for the 2015 TIDE conference is still to be determined, but it will be held in the Greater Boston area. WHAT DO WE DO: The conference is planned and led by fifty high school students of diverse backgrounds. The goals of the conference are to – · Train teens to communicate respectfully and use their skills in discussions about highly charged issues · Develop leadership and facilitation skills · Understand what teens are capable of · Foster bonds and friendships among the youth in attendance that will continue after the conference has ended HOW DO WE DO IT: Conference attendees participate in workshops, dialogues, and other activities throughout the weekend that have been planned by high school students specifically for their peers. Adults working with teens can attend a parallel but separate adult track at the conference. To learn more, visit the TIDE website or TIDE 2010 YouTube channel.