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OPUS 2013
OPUS 2013

Fragile Strands, Strong Web.

An annual spiritual retreat for adults age 18-35, Opus 2013 will be held from August 7-11 at Unicamp in Honeywood, Ontario. Hosted by the Continental Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network (C*UUYAN) since 1986, Opus has offered:
  • five days of amazing fellowship in a lush, camp setting
  •  workshops and activities on topics of all kinds
  • deep, soulful, participatory worships
  • an annual place for UU young adults from across Canada and the United States get to know one another
  • a space to feel safe exploring and expressing your true (and best) self
  • opportunities for spiritual growth and stepping into leadership
  • an immersive experience with UU young adult community that strives to be radically inclusive, justice centred and spiritually alive
Newly bridged young adults are especially invited to consider attending Opus. “Each of us brings with us one fragile strand but when we weave our stands together, they form a web.  Bound together, we become strong enough to conquer giants.” This year, attendees will reflect on and explore the variety of interconnections they with have with one another (as friends, as young adults, a UUs, as fellow human inhabitants of the earth) and with the world, both in its fragility and brokenness, and in its awesome capacity for resilience, beauty and inspiration. They will weave this exploration of strength and fragility and interconnections, throughout the week together in workshops, worship and in the bonds created in friendships new and old.  

To register for Opus 2013, click here.

 For more information, check out the Opus 2013 page.

  Adapted from the Opus 2013 information page.  

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